Are Headbands Bad for Hair? The Truth Revealed!

Are Headbands Bad for Hair? The Truth Revealed!

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Is there a dark side to wearing a headband? Do headbands really harm your hair? Let's find out!

Some people say that all headbands are be bad for your hair. But that's not true for your Lilac Market Headband! Keep reading today's post to put those fears at ease and see all the reasons why our headbands are safer than those other headbands out there.


Our headbands don’t use combs!

Our headbands are different because they don't have plastic or metal combs. Combs can get stuck in your hair and cause damage. Our headbands are made of 100% soft fabric, so they won't break or pull your hair.

 Our headbands aren’t too tight!

Our headbands also fit comfortably. If a headband is too tight, it can hurt your head and your hair. It's also an indicator that your headband may be too small for you. Our headbands are stretchy and designed to adjust to your size, so they'll keep a snug fit, but won't give you a headache.

Our headbands won’t pull out hair!

Wearing a headband won't make your hair fall out. Hair damage usually happens when you tie your hair too tightly in a ponytail or bun for example, not when you wear a Lilac Market headband. Our headbands can even be used as scrunchies, so you can tie your hair without pulling it too hard!

Our headbands don't leave you itchy!

Our headbands won't make your head itchy. Sometimes sweat can make your scalp itch when it dries, and accidental scratching at the roots can hurt your hair. But our headbands absorb sweat, so they'll keep your head comfortable!

So don't worry! You can try our headbands with no harm to your beautiful hair. Now all you have to worry about is which one to wear today!


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