How to Tie a Baby Bow Headband

How to Tie a Baby Bow Headband

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Learn How to Tie a Baby Bow Headband in Less Than a Minute!

Our Mommy & Me sets are the perfect gift for mama’s because they celebrate the special relationship between mother and daughter. Plus, we all secretly love to match, as long as it doesn’t look like the "Infamous family Christmas photo of 1989". With a headband for Mom and one for her little one, our baby bow headband is the answer for the sweetest look the whole family can rock!

While our women and child sizes of the Mommy & Me sets have the classically cute knot in the front, our baby sizes are actually bows! Coming in both Small and Large Baby sizes, they're completely adjustable with our signature stretchy material, so you know they’ll fit just right whether your tot is brand new or a toddler.

Not into matching? You can also buy the Baby Bows individually, in Large Baby (ages 1-4 years) and Small Baby (newborn-1 year)! Or you can check out our adorable "Mommin' Ain't Easy" headband to flaunt your own style here.


And modifying them for size couldn’t be easier. Let us show you how to tie a baby bow headband in less than a minute.


Here’s a tutorial on how to perfectly tie a baby bow headband:

  1. Place the band under your leg behind the knee, with the seam facing up (fun fact, thighs are about the same size as a baby's head. Makes you appreciate, doesn't it?). 
  2. Make one knot by tying the fabric underneath itself. Cinching it tighter it better for small baby's, and right at snug against your leg for large baby's. 
  3. Fold the right ear up so its seam faces down. Then take the left side ear and wrap it around the right and tie through, making the second knot. 
  4. Give each ear a little tug to make them even. If it doesn't fit correctly but you don't want to untie it, you can adjust it by loosening the knot and then pulling the outer fabric band to make the band bigger. 
  5. Pro-tip: Sliding does NOT mean it's too small! If the headband keeps sliding off the back of your sweet angel's head, try making it looser first. Headbands slide off most often when they're too tight, so loosening it to a comfortable but snug fit gives it that famous staying power. 

Now you know how to tie a baby bow headband! How easy was that? Probably easier than getting your precious baby to sit still for a photo as cute as this one.

Need a unique gift idea for Mom no matter what the day is? Check out our DIY Mother's Day Headband Bouquet tutorial on how you can make your own special present with her headbands that says "You're the best, Mom!".

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