Lilac Snaps: Ear Saver Headbands

Lilac Snaps: Ear Saver Headbands

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Introducing the amazing Lilac Snaps: the perfect ear-saver!

Do you know how Lilac Snaps came to be? When the COVID-19 virus started spreading, people needed something comfortable to wear with their masks. We wanted to help, so we started sewing buttons onto headbands for our customers. We didn't charge any extra for this special service. But as a small company, we didn't realize how many people would want them. So, sadly, we had to stop offering the hand-sewn buttons...

But now we have something even better: Lilac Snaps! These buttons are magnetic and can save your ears from pain and annoyance. They're designed to let you decide where your mask sits, which headband to wear with them, and when to take a break from wearing a mask.

We tested them ourselves, and they stay in place until you take them off. You won't lose them, and they're easy to remove when you're done. They're as portable as earrings and won't damage your favorite headbands!

Just like a pair of shoes, each set of Lilac Snaps comes with two buttons, one for each side of the headband. And the best part is, you can use them with all your Lilac Market Headbands without sewing anything!

Step 1: Put on your headband the way you like it. We suggest putting it over your ears at first until you have the Snaps in place.

Step 2: Separate the outer button from the smaller magnetic disc by sliding them apart gently. They're small but strong magnets!

Step 3: Hold the larger button on the outside of the headband, just above your ear. Make sure the colorful side is facing out. With your other hand, place the smaller magnetic disc between your head and the headband until it connects with the button. The flat side of the smaller magnet should be against the headband. You'll feel the magnetized "snap!" when they're properly connected.

Step 4: Put on your mask and loop the earpieces around the outer button. You can adjust the tension of the mask by sliding the Snap along the fabric until it feels just right. If you prefer, you can now put the headband behind your ears.

Step 5: To remove the Snaps, take off your mask first, then remove the headband (you can remove the Snaps while it's still on, but be careful not to drop the smaller piece accidentally). Slide the small magnetic disc away from the button with your finger, and they will easily come apart. Keep them together for storage when you're not using them.

Have you tried our Lilac Snaps yet? They're amazing!



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