4 Easy Hairstyles with a Lilac Claw Clip (and a Headband!)

4 Easy Hairstyles with a Lilac Claw Clip (and a Headband!)

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Claw clips are a trendy but ageless accessory that raises any hairstyle to a new level. From casual chic to elegant sophistication, these reliable accessories offer endless possibilities for creating your next low-effort, stunning looks. In this tutorial (including step-by-step videos), let's try a few hairstyles you can achieve using Lilac Clips, perfect for any occasion!

1. Up-Do with a Headband & Lilac Clip:

  • Start by putting on your favorite headband, and wearing it in your favorite style (with the knot in the middle, side or the back).
  • Gather all of your hair back, and begin to twist the hair until it loops around itself.
  • Once you've twisted all your hair, keep the loose ends at the bottom and secure with your Lilac Clip.
  • Twist and tuck the loose ends into the bottom of the clip.
  • Fluff the top part of the looped hair to add volume and style.


2. Romantic Half-Up Hairstyle with Lilac Clip:

  • Start by gathering the top half of your hair, leaving the bottom half loose. You can pull out a couple of front strands to frame your face, if you like.
  • Secure the top half with a hair tie wrapped a few times, pulling through only halfway on the final tie, creating a small loop of hair.
  • Lift the loop up, and use a Lilac Clip to secure the loop to your hair.
  • Let the bottom half of hair cascade down, and loosen the top half slightly with your fingers to add dimension.


3. Elegant Twisted Bun with Lilac Clip:

  • Gather all of your hair in the back, slightly lower than midway down your head.
  • Using a hair tie, pull hair through twice, only pulling the hair halfway through on the second tie, creating a big loop of hair and a tail (they should be about equal in length).
  • Using one hand to hold the tail, rotate the bun down with one hand while guiding the tail up, so your ends are pointing up.
  • Twist the tail into a loop at the top, so now the ends are short and hitting the middle of the bun.
  • Secure with your favorite Lilac Clip.


4. Hair Bow Braids with a Lilac Clip:

  • Create two small braids on either side of your head, starting from the temples.
  • Gather the upper half of your hair up, leaving the two braids at the front out, and tie with a hair tie.
  • Take the two braids to the back, and criss-cross them over the top of the hair tie to conceal it.
  • Wrap the two crossed braids underneath the ponytail, and tie off with a hair tie. 
  • Place the bow Lilac Clip over the hair tie.
  • Smooth out any flyaways with a bit of hairspray or hair gel.

Claw clips are a must-have accessory for anyone looking to up their hair game the easy way. Whether you're out on a date night, working a long shift or looking for a hair-out-of-face-approved style, our Lilac Clips are the perfect way to add that special something to your next hairstyle!

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