How to Wear Lilac Market Headbands 3 Ways

How to Wear Lilac Market Headbands 3 Ways

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Trying on your new headbands is so exciting!

You've got your hands on the softest headbands ever, and now it's time to learn how to wear them in different ways!


Let's give it a try!


Just like your different styles of clothes, there are different ways to wear your Lilac Market Headbands. Each way is comfy, looks good, and works well. Everyone likes different things, and luckily, there are endless options to try. Test out these 3 versions and see which one you like the most!

How to wear Lilac Market Headbands

Knotty but Nice:

Center the knot in the middle, right where your hair starts. This is the classic look of our headbands!

Obliquely Unique:

Angle the knot to the side, just above your eyebrow, to make it stand out. It looks great with any hairstyle, whether your hair is up or down.

Back is the New Black:

This version is a favorite among athletes. Place the knot all the way at the back of the neck to show off your headband and keep all those small hairs or sweat away from your face.


Do you want to make sure your headband stays in place? Make sure it touches your face, especially around your hairline so it's not all on your hair (hair is too slick for it to stay put)! You can also try wearing the band over or behind the ears!


If you want to look extra cute, place the knot just above your hairline and let a few strands of hair fall around your face. It's a subtle but stylish look!



Stand in front of a mirror and imagine the knot as a square with four corners. Pinch one corner at the top with your thumb and forefinger, and the opposite corner at the bottom with your other hand. Give a gentle pull on both corners until the knot looks just right!


Which of these ways to wear Lilac Market Headbands do you like the most?


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