How to Wear Headbands 3 Ways

How to Wear Headbands 3 Ways

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The hard part is over!
You’ve scored your new favorite headbands and their buttery softness is ready in your hands! Now here is how to wear headbands 3 ways!


Time to try it on!

Just like your many facets of fashion, there’s different ways to wear Lilac Market headbands. And though each method is comfortable, flattering and reliable, you’ll find one that matches your personal sense of style best. Do you wear headbands over your ears? Or do you prefer behind? Everyone's preferences are different, and lucky for you, there are endless ways to wear! Try these 3 versions for yourself and see which you love the most!

How to wear Lilac Market Headbands

Knotty but Nice:

The knot sits in the middle, right at the hairline. This is the classic look of our headbands!

Obliquely Unique:

Angle the knot to side, just above the eyebrow, to create a distinct focal point. Hair up or down, this one compliments any hairstyle.

Back is the New Black:

A favorite version for our athlete friends, wear the knot all the way to the back to not only showcase your headband, but keep every baby hair out of your lovely visage.



Want to ensure your headband doesn’t budge an inch? Make sure the material is touching somewhere on your face, particularly around your hairline!


If you want extra cute points, wear the knot up front just an inch beyond the hairline toward the crown of your head, and thread some hairs around your face out of the headband so they fall sweetly. Subtle but stylish.



While looking in a mirror, imagine looking at the knot like a square, with four corners. Pinch an upper corner of your band between your thumb and forefinger, and the lower corner on the opposite side with your other hand. Give a tiny tug on both until you see the knot cinch in!




Which of these ways to wear Lilac Market Headbands is your favorite?

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