New to Lilac Market? How to Wear & Care for Your Headband

New to Lilac Market? How to Wear & Care for Your Headband

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Your Lilac Market Headband has arrived, and you couldn't be more excited! But what's the deal with all the different styles? How will you wash it? What's the best way to get it to stay put? Keep reading for the best tips!

Your beautiful, buttery-soft Lilac Market Headband is finally here! You're excited to finally have a headband that actually works for yiu, but you've got some questions.

For the Lilac Market beginner, here's our best tips for getting started with the famous headband that changed the standard for function and reliability, from fit to care!

One of the critical requirements is that your headband matches your sense of style, which can change on the day or the mood. Luckily, our headbands can be worn multiple ways! You can place the knot in the middle, to the side, or around to the back so the widest part of the headband is visible. Plus, you can wear the headband in front of your hairline, or with some hair pieces framing your face. The style possibilities are really endless!

You should never have to waste time worrying about adjusting or fixing a slipping headband. Our customers say that ours are the only ones that stay put for them, and for good reason: the material is made so that as it touches skin somewhere, either around the hairline or behind or over the ears, it's non-slip staying power will last you all day and into the night. You might even forget you're wearing it!

Ready for the big secret of why those other headbands slip off? They aren't designed to fit to your unique shape. We all know our body's aren't "one size fits all", so we came up with a special design that allows for your headband to stretch to fit as you wear it, which gives a perfect fit over time. So if you think there's no headband for weird heads, think again!

Lilac Market actually started because our owner needed a way for her headband to stay in place so that sweat wouldn't get into her eyes while she worked out. When she didn't find a solution, she made her own! The sweat absorbent, buttery-soft fabric will literally pass the "wring out" test, and actually stays non-slip when wet. Gross, but cool!

You can keep your headband looking and feeling fresh with simple care instructions. Just wash with cold or warm water and hang dry, and your headband will stay good as new after those long days of working and playing. Not only that, it will cinch back up to fit it did when it first arrived, so the comfortable, headache-free stretch will last a lifetime!

Loving your new headband? Let us know by tagging us on social media with @lilacmarketheadbands and you could be featured in our stories!

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