Custom FAQs: How to Design Your Own Custom Headband

Custom FAQs: How to Design Your Own Custom Headband

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Would you love to have your own personal headband, but have no idea where to start? We've got everything you need, from step-by-step instructions to our most common questions!

Custom headbands are the perfect idea for gifts, events, brands or personal motivation no matter what the occasion! The sky is truly the limit when it comes to design, and your imagination can be brought to life with our buttery-soft, non-slip headbands that you know and love. But how easy is it exactly? We answer all your questions below! Read on for the step-by-step guide to make your custom headband.

A custom headband is made up of four parts:

The design, which is your graphic, image, logo, or saying that makes up the one-of-a-kind print.
The color, which is the base fabric color and provides the background for the design.
The pattern, which gives a unique stylized look across the entire headband.
The location, which is where the design is placed, depending on the way you like to personally style you're headband.

Finding Your Design
What is your custom headband designed for? Is it for a family event, a gag gift, your child's sports team, your personal word of the year or your business branding? The sky's the limit on unique ways to use your custom headband! Once you have your idea, it's easy to put together just the right design you're looking for.

Getting a Graphic
When choosing an image or graphic for your headband, it's important to know what format to use so that it shows up crystal clear on the fabric. A blurry photo from your phone will not work! The best format to use is AI, PNG or JPG with a minimum of 200 DPI resolution (300 is preferred). PDF format can also be accepted, so long as it meets the above resolution requirements.

Choosing a Color
Picking out a color isn't as simple as saying "blue"! Luckily, Pantone colors offer the best variety of color options. Since we're capable of using any exact Pantone color, you'll never have to worry if it will be the right hue or not. You can find the exact color you're looking for here.

Pick your Pattern
The pattern is like a layered print put over the top of the base fabric color, such as a black splatter pattern on a red headband, for example. A gradient or repeating logo are just a couple of options for different ways your design can look. 


What if I can't think of a good design?:
If you're unsure how a custom headband might look, we're here to help! Our design team will work with you to help you get the right look for what you need, or even offer a design suggestion you hadn't thought about before (because we are the experts, after all). Give us a starting point for what you want when you submit your form in the notes section, and we'll offer some pointers that will look fantastic.

Can't you just come up with a design for me?:
As much as we would love to, it does take time and effort for our design team to work on every individual design, which would take a lot of time away from making the regular headbands you know and love. We want to empower you to dig into your creative side and imagine your own beautiful design!

Will I get to see the headband before I pay for it?:
Yes! We'll send you a 3D mock up of your finalized design for your approval before invoicing you. We will never charge you for a headband you didn't approve.

What if I have multiple designs that I want?:
You can have as many designs as you like! Each design will be processed and invoiced individually. So if you have, for example, 3 different logos that you'd like to use for your gym's custom branded swag, those would be considered 3 separate orders.

If I don't like the design, can I change my mind?:
Of course! You do not have to go with the mock up we offer, and it can be adjusted as needed. However, adjustments such as a new graphic or completely different style may incur additional design fees.

How long does a custom headband order take to get?:
We ask that you allow 2 business days from the submission of each design in the Custom Design Form to receive your custom mock up from our expert design team. Once the design is finalized and accepted by you, we will send you an invoice, and once paid, we'll get it processed and shipped to you!

Can I make custom headbands for a fundraiser?:
If you're purchasing custom headbands with the intent of selling them for your favorite charity, organization or event, the good news is we give you total control over the selling process. Since you're purchasing them from us, you're free to sell and distribute them in whatever way fits best for you to raise the most funds for your cause. A popular option is a pre-order of the headbands in your community prior to finalizing the order!

Can I return my custom headband or exchange it?:
Since custom designs are made for your particular tastes and cannot be re-sold, all custom designs are final and cannot be returned or exchanged.

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