About Us


If you would have asked me in 2017 what I would be doing a year later, starting a business would have been the last words out of my mouth. Now, 4 years into business, I can say it's the best decision I ever made!

Lilac Market Headbands started purely from a love-hate relationship with headbands. I loved headbands, but hated the prices and quality! So, I learned how to use a sewing machine to make a few for myself to help get me through my shift at the hospital and last through my CrossFit workouts at night. I was looking for a headband that was functional, affordable and reliable (not to mention cute and comfortable). I couldn't find any that met that standard - so I made a new one.

Before long I was making headbands for friends and co-workers, who encouraged me to start selling them online. 4 years and many headbands later, we're in our own office space and have progressed into even more options for prints.

The name Lilac Market was inspired by my Mom, who passed away in 2015. She was truly my best friend and the first person I would call to share any exciting news with. She also had a love for gardening and flowers. Growing up, I can fondly remember helping her plant lilacs in the yard. To this day, they're my favorite flower and the Kim Floral headband is in honor of those sweet memories with her.

I couldn't have imagined how this business would change my life. I'm grateful to everyone who has had a hand or encouraging word in making this dream into a reality!