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These headbands are amazing! I have not worn headbands for years because I never liked how they looked on me and always had the issue of them falling off when working out and going about my day.

Rachel W.

I LOVE these headbands. I was convinced my head was not meant for headbands but these just stay and the patterns available are so cute!

Stephanie K.

I have never found a headband that I LIKE to wear until now. These are so soft and so comfortable! No headaches for me and they stay in place. I wear them to workout, weekend lounge, and even to work!

Kathryn M.

These are the only headbands that actually stay in place all day! I work in a busy ER and am constantly moving or running around. I never have to adjust these headbands. They’re so soft and comfortable.

Bethany S.

Do not hesitate to order from Lilac Market. Cannot believe the quality and durability of these headbands. I currently have 2 that I alternate for my workouts, and despite being heavily sweat in and washed at least twice per week, they remain in like-new condition. Do not slip off my head or distract during exercise.

Sarah I.

These are the best headbands I have ever owned! They actually stay on my head all day, no slipping, no constantly readjusting and no headaches.

Emily R.