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These are the only headbands that actually stay in place all day! I work in a busy ER and am constantly moving or running around. I never have to adjust these headbands. They’re so soft and comfortable.

Bethany S.

I have never found a headband that I LIKE to wear until now. These are so soft and so comfortable! No headaches for me and they stay in place. I wear them to workout, weekend lounge, and even to work! Versatile, comfortable, beautiful!

Kathryn M.

Most amazing headband you will ever buy! So soft, so cute, and stays in place! You will not regret buying headbands from Lilac Market Headbands. So many colors, so many patterns — they have something for everyone!

Ashley B.

I adore Lilac Market Headbands! I’ll never workout in any other headband ever again! Soft, comfortable, stylish, stays put—what more could you ask for??? Can’t recommend this company or these headbands enough!

Natalie K.

The best, and most comfortable headbands ever! We all remember those headbands that were so tight on our heads and slipped back every 10 minutes. CRINGY. But Lilac Market headbands stay in place, and don’t put a crease in my hair! They’re perfect for gifts, and I love telling people about them when the compliment mine! 💜 so glad I stumbled upon their Instagram!

Olivia S.

Lilac market headbands are hands down the best. They stay out even during the most strenuous workouts. Best part is I can even twin with my three girls :)

Kimberly K.