Custom Headbands are the Perfect New Swag

Custom Headbands are the Perfect New Swag

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If you haven’t heard about the clever ways you can use our Custom Headbands, you’re missing out!

What do you get when Lilac Market quality meets your design?


Now you can take your next project to a whole new level with the internet's favorite workout accessory. Whether it's for your business, fundraiser or even your personal pet, we’ve done the brainstorming for you on all the ways you can use custom headbands to make the coolest swag ever.


1. Business brands.
Whether you’re just starting out or well-established in your field, you always want something fresh and cool to offer to your customers. Maybe the next time you have an employee appreciation day, you could throw in some specialty branded headbands!



2. Bachelorette parties.
Nothing says “squad” like a headband with your girlfriend’s inside joke, a photo of the bride or matching wedding colors so you can easily find each other in a crowd. Plus, it’s one more way you can remember the time leading up to your special day.



3.School teams.
Team spirit is all-important for a great game. That’s why custom headbands will not only let spectators show their support, but also keep the player’s eyes on the prize instead of sweat!



4. Gym logos.
Club members love sweet perks that also help them have their best workout. Since our headbands already meet the athletes standards, putting your gym logo or creed on them just gives you one leg up on the competition (even on leg day). 



5. Sports Team

If watching the Big Game is a total event in your home, you need your own headband. Add a little fun by making two different colors and having your guests pick a side! A little competition never hurt, right?


6. Charity fundraisers.
Did you know that you can have custom headbands made to raise money for your favorite cause? Not only can people support something they care about, but it's a great conversation starter to tell people how they can help out, too.



7. Family Reunions.
Imagine if the Griswold’s had their own custom headband made to commemorate their adventure (uh, maybe not!). You can add your own silly family caricature, name and year on an accessory that you can wear for the annual gathering.



8. Pets.
Of course, we can’t forget our furry friends! You can truly brag about your best bud by putting the cutest artwork of them on your headband. Because if they aren't the mascot of your life, who is?



9. Your favorite quotes.
Guess what? Now you can remind yourself of your most motivational quotes every time you look in a mirror. Poem, verse, or joke, you can spread the love to everyone you meet just by wearing your custom headband.



Ready to start making your own headbands? Here's how you start designing:

  1. Go to the Custom Headband page on our website.
  2. Upload your own graphic, artwork or logo.
  3. Choose your headband color.
  4. Choose your headband size.
  5. Rock your favorite new headband!

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