Lilac Market Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

Lilac Market Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

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Looking for the gift guide that will do it all? Look no further than our gift guide plus a sneak peak!


Do you wish you could time travel to find out what your future self got everyone for Christmas this year, like the Ghost of Christmas Future in A Christmas Carol?


Your wish is our command. C'mon, let this gift guide show you exactly how you nailed it this year for everyone on your list! Plus, below we're giving you a sneak peak of this week's new releases that will be the best idea we... ahem... YOU ever had.


:: For Him


He's the CrossFit gym member brother, the marathon runner boyfriend, the campfire builder cousin, the home renovation master buddy. He's the guy that does it all, so you got him a gift that could do the same.

:: For Her


She's the competition-winner coworker, the bakery owner aunt, the Sunday singer sister-in-law, and the photographer friend. You got all the queens in your life a crown they'll never want to take off.

:: The Kids


After much begging, you agreed to let your soon-to-be 7 year old host her very own slumber party for her birthday. Especially after she said she wanted to get a gift for everyone, “so everybody gets to celebrate”. It was so sweet, you couldn’t say no. But what in the world could you get a bunch of little girls? Then you remembered: Lilac Market had those adorable Child Mystery Packs. You smiled as you considered it done.

:: The Mother-in-Law

She was the hardest person to buy for on your list, and you’d been dreading trying to figure it out. What didn’t your precious mother in law have? She said she just wanted a nice family photo, but you knew she’d love to be able to work in her garden without her silvery highlights in her eyes. You knew just the thing, even better than a holiday bouquet with the Floral Collection.

:: The Pet Parent

You’d always been sentimental toward your dad’s scruffy four-legged friend, Gus. Ever since the little guy beat cancer, Dad joined in the annual 5k run benefiting the shelter that treated him. Sadly, his running buddy couldn’t go with him. But lucky for you, turns out he could, with his own custom headband of Gus using the artwork you had made last Christmas. You were sure this would be the gift that would make him cry (and you were right).

:: The Mom


Your sister had recently confessed to you that she’s glad the baby arrived early so that she didn’t have to cook a dish for the traditional family dinner. She could just focus on her new angel’s outfits for the occasion. You’d already made a note to keep your phone ready when she (and the little one) squealed with delight over their special Mommy & Me present at the gift exchange.

:: The Husband

Your husband’s old sweatband from high school finally stretched its last. You hadn’t realized how much he cared about that gross thing until you noticed a sad little look he’d have each time he wiped the sweat from his brow. You couldn’t wait to fill his stocking with wearable workout buddies in his favorite team’s colors.

:: The Nurse


The last year had been total insanity, and you couldn’t even remember when the last time you saw your nurse buddy was. Maybe that one coffee months ago before they started pulling extra shifts. But you wanted to make sure they knew you were thinking of them, with something that would help them as much as they’ve helped others. The Healthcare Hero pack, complete with Snaps for the year-round mask wearer, answered the call.

:: The Bestie


Did your bestie say that she loved the latest trends, or hated them? You couldn’t remember, so you went to her Instagram feed to see what her most recent outfit had been. Sure enough, your suspicions were correct: she’s clearly in love with the most popular designs. It was so nice to find that Obsessed Starter Pack with all the best sellers, so all you had to do was “add to cart”.



:: The Boss


One morning, it dawned on you that you must have a pretty good job if you wonder what to get your boss for Christmas. Something practical, fun and appropriate seemed impossible to find within the Secret Santa budget - until Lilac Market Headbands came along in their favorite work-friendly color! You knew this would be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

:: The Gym Addict


After they invested in a gym membership for themselves, it was beautiful to see them realize how valuable their self-care was. Even when gyms closed, you were beyond proud to witness their commitment when you saw their selfie on their new Peloton. You wanted to find something extra special to support them during their workouts, that would help them keep pushing. But you didn’t have to look for very long before you found the perfect thing: a headband that doesn’t quit no matter how much they sweat, and neither does its encouragement.


:: The Teacher

Your kids came back in one piece and were happy to tell you about their day, which is all you wanted when you sent your kids off to school. Their home away from home, you considered your kid’s teachers to be a part of the tribe raising your small humans. What gift would make them feel seen and considered? You understood the assignment and got them the new prints from the Teacher Collection.


:: For YOU

You sat back from your computer with the Lilac Market checkout ready, looking over your list once more. You felt like someone was missing. You reached the bottom, and in quick, small letters, you saw the note you’d made as an afterthought: “me”. How could you have forgotten? You hadn’t had time to even think about what you might actually want. As you looked up, above the huge Black Friday discounts, at the top of the page you saw exactly what you wanted: “Best Sellers”. No search bars for you that Christmas.



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