Lilac Market's Best Selling Headband and Why You Need It

Lilac Market's Best Selling Headband and Why You Need It

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Classic. Chic. Understated. Flattering. Powerful.

All these words perfectly describe the world’s favorite color…



Our number one continuously best selling headband of all time is our Solid Black. But why? And if this dark queen is your go-to, what other options are there to spice things up a bit without going too light?


Let’s go over why black is so beloved…


If you’re going for subtlety, this is your color. Whether you’re in a job where you need to be seen as a background role, or on a date night to make a statement, this shadowy hue will keep the onlooker focused on what matters: you.


With a dark color as the background instead of bright white, colors can truly pop. Reflection can sometimes be hard on the eyes, so if you want your favorite feature to stand out, give it a black backdrop to show the intricate details of a print or color.


Yes, it does create literal outer space, but also space in your look! Even though the term commonly used in art is “white space”, the color black creates open areas too, which is good for making a protective buffer around you (to all my fellow shorter-legged gals, think black pants that create a longer space between your torso and your feet!).


Black is actually the absence of light, and is void of color. Which is a good thing, because that means sweat and make-up stains totally disappear. So no matter what kind of day you're having, you won’t have to worry if you need to push your laundry back a day or two.





Although it seems new, the trend of black on black prints is actually quite established. Our latest release on Onyx Leopard showcases perfectly that it’s all in the details: a solid black band with an off-black leopard spot print adds a hint of style.


Our Lilac Snaps have been incredibly popular for nurses, essential workers, or any mask-wearer that needs to give their ears a break. Our Snaps come in two types of black: matte black and the brand new glossy leopard. Matte offers a bit of depth when you look closely, while the slight sheen of the glossy leopard will delight those that notice your little touch of fashion with function.


We’ve absolutely fallen in love with the classic black and tan style, and the small nude shade details are perfect for that. Our Adore You on Black and Canyon Clay Leopard give the vibe or casual with a hint of rich warmth and dimension.


Not only do colorful prints pop on black, but your favorite headbands with quotes do, too. Whether you’re pushing yourself in the gym or hard at work or taking time for yourself, if you catch a look in the mirror, their powerful saying will stand out.

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