Are Headbands Bad for Your Hairline? 5 Things to Avoid for Healthier Hair

Are Headbands Bad for Your Hairline? 5 Things to Avoid for Healthier Hair

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Trying to protect your hairline might make you pause before buying that cute headband you've been eyeing. Won't it damage your hair? Not Lilac Market Headbands! But there are things that can damage your crown. Keep reading for things to avoid when things get hairy.

Maybe you've noticed a few less hairs where they should be around your hairline. The most delicate part of your hair, it's also the most vulnerable to damage. Whether you're dealing with hormonal thinning from postpartum, hereditary receding or over styling, you want to keep every hair safe. Keep reading for things to avoid when protecting your hairline!


DON'T use metal or plastic combs

One thing that can cause hair damage is when a comb gets stuck. Hard plastic or metal combs and pins won’t just break your hair, but pull it right out of your precious head (ouch!). Don't risk a snag and stay away from them altogether.

DON'T use tight elastics

If a headband is squeezing the life out of your cranium, it’s certainly not helping your hair. Tight elastic-style bands around the crown can cause that feared receding hairline. Use bands that will hold hair back gently (like a Lilac Market Headband!) to avoid hair loss.

DON'T do a ton of styling

If you’re styling and wearing your hair WAY up there every day, you may notice thinning, especially if you’re using hot tools in addition to clips or ties that are too tight. Keeping your hair down as much as possible will keep your strands stronger.

DON'T dry your hair every day

Dry hair is easy to break. Add heat to that, and you're in for a defenseless hairline. Allow your hair to air dry as often as possible, and you'll keep your hair healthier as it's growing. If you do need to use a dryer, add a protective product like a heat primer before drying.

DON'T forget to treat your hair

Happy hair is healthy hair, and the best way to protect it is by giving it the good stuff! Using cold water to rinse hair, adding conditioner and occasional hair mask to your routine will help thirsty strands stay safe and right where they should... on your head!

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